The Brand New GDLotto Live Result Experience! 全新豪龙在线开彩体验!

Effective on 13th of August 2018. GDLotto will bring you the most exciting live drawing of 4D lottery! One of the thinnest indoor LED screen has been deployed by GDLotto at our lottery stage. It is designed to make each drawing motion more exciting & creative. And of course, to be explainable to our users. To view our latest video, please visit our official GDLotto YouTube Channel.

Followings are some of the images taken from the latest live draw from GDLotto:

The Brand New 3D Result Table that is much bigger and clearer!

Every single one of the Position and Numbers drew are displayed clearly on the screen!

The effect when A position is drawn! This is the Jackpot Time!

The last 3 draws for our 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes!

The Bonus calculation information are well displayed on the table!

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