Congratulation to 58 winners winning the Small Bonus!

For this round Small bonus is won and this time, GD Lotto is giving away USD $169,130.46 to 58 lucky winners. Congratulations for those who had won.

This time the small bonus won is at USD 2,916 (RM 11,664) per person. A hearty congratulations to all winners.

To calculate on this Small Bonus Jackpot, it is easy
On the Day Jackpot Pool Figure: USD 563,768.20
SMALL Bonus Jackpot: 30%
Total Bonus won: USD 169,130.46 (USD 563,768.20 x 30%)
Total Qualified Units of Winner: 58 units
Each Unit Price: USD 2,916
Time to put your bet now and maybe you will be the next winner!

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