The Biggest launched the Biggest!

GDLotto brings you with the Biggest Live 4D Jackpot ever. NOW with GDLotto you can have your dreams come true with just USD$1. GDLotto brings you more exciting, more fun and a FASTER way to build your dreams.

On 1st July 2020, GDLotto’s BIG DAY brings you their NEW 6D Game where it comes with 1 additional BONUS JACKPOT. And now, we are making your millionaire dreams come true and also maximizing every dollar that you invested with us.

GDLotto 6D: Now you can win up to RM150,000 by just investing only USD1 (approx. RM4).

Dragon Jackpot 6+ 1D: Dragon Jackpot 6+ 1D is the Fastest Jackpot ever to be a Millionaire! The number is automatically dedicated to your receipt with every purchase of USD 3 (approx. RM 12). And what’s more exciting is ONLY ONE WINNER is selected!

What are you waiting for? Now you can realise your dreams WITH ONLY USD1!

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