USD 188,800 given away to 7 winners!


This week, we have given away USD 188,800. This time we have 1 Grand winner and 6 consolation prize winner. The number that came out today for the Grand Winner is 6253039. And the Grand Winner had won USD 170,800 all by himself.

As for the consolation winner, we have 6 winners and the numbers are 0253039, 1253039, 2253039. 4253039, 7253039 and 8253039. Each of them will be bringing back USD3,000 respectively.

Congratulations to all winners!

Here is your big chance to become the next winner. You will be given a series of number for free with every purchase of USD 3. And this number will be revealed on the weekend and this might lead you to become one of our 6+ 1 D winners.

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